Frequently asked questions about self drive in Uganda

Like any other traveler visiting a foreign country for the first time, there those particular questions that you will always ask yourself before you go ahead to hire a car. But the good news is that if you are visiting the “Pearl Of Uganda” and would like to self drive in Uganda, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions on self drive Uganda so that you are able to book with confidence.

Renting a car in Uganda is one of the best ways you can fully explore and discover what this country does have within her boundaries. Some of the questions about self drive in Uganda include:

  • How much is to rent a car in Uganda?

The cost of car hire in Uganda for self drive varies and this depends on the type of car you would like to rent, the number of people, the rental period and your destination. At Uganda Self Drives, we have a the best fleet of self drive cars for hire in Uganda that does include small compact cars and 4×4 SUVs best to use on the rugged terrains in the various parts of the country. The more comfortable and strong the car is, the more you are likely to pay for it.

For travelers renting on long term car rental Uganda basis, we have amazing discounts if you hire a car for more than 28 days thus reducing on the cost of car rental in Uganda. For travelers who plan to cross into the neighboring countries, we request that you do inform us days prior to your trip so that we arrange the necessary required documents for you to cross the border.

  • What do I need to hire a car for self drive in Uganda?

To hire a car in Uganda, you will need to provide us with a valid copy of driving copy of your driving license, an international driving permit and a copy of your passport for identity purposes. With these documents, we will have the confidence that in deed you have the experience to drive on the road.

  • Is it safe to self drive in Uganda?

Your safety is our top priority and we give you the assurance that you will be safe while you drive in Uganda. A number of roads in Uganda are now tarmacked while others are being worked on. Driving in Uganda is quite easy as long as you follow the set traffic guidelines.

In terms of security, Uganda remains among the safest countries in sub Saharan Africa where you can go and have uninterrupted safari regardless of which destination you are visiting. Please note that like any other developing country, you will need to be cautious while going through crowded places like major cities, and traffic jam. Ensure all your car doors are locked and your windows are up as you drive through busy areas.

  • Can I hire a car with a driver?

Yes. You can now hire a car with a driver in Uganda with a driver with us. Our drivers are well trained, English speaking and disciplined to give you the best experience as you explore the country. These are well versed with the road network in the country making sure you do arrive at your desired destination on time.

Our car hire in Uganda with a driver allows you to sit back, relax and let our driver take you to anywhere you would like to go within Uganda and beyond.

  • In case of a breakdown, what do I need to do?

We have agents all over the country that will work on the car once it breaks down while you are on your trip. We always request you to inform us, tell us the location and our agent will locate you as soon as possible to work on the car so that you continue with your trip.

In cases where it’s likely to take us so long to fix the car, we will be able to send you a rescue vehicle so that you get to finish your trip at no extra cost.

  • What type of insurance that does come with the car?

Our cars are comprehensively insured but cases where you cause a damage on the car out of recklessness or ignorance, you will be responsible and accountable to repair that damaged part of the vehicle.

  • What is the minimum age required to hire a car in Uganda?

For travelers interested in self drive in Uganda, you need to be aged between 25-65 years. Those who would prefer to rent a car Uganda but are aged below 25 years, you will be subjected to an underage surcharge.

To rent a car in Uganda for self drive you can send us an email on and our customer care team will be able to take you through the booking process. You can as well talk to us directly  on +256 759 498 123 and our customer care agent will brief you and take you through the booking process.

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