Rent a Toyota Wish In Uganda

Rent a toyota wish in Uganda

Rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda for that comfort and seamless experience you explore Uganda’s major cities.  Our Toyota Wish ticks all the boxes – legroom, luggage space, and a whole heap of style. Consider it the most affordable car for your business trip or Entebbe airport transfers.

Whether you’re planning a trip to a fancy occasion, a family vacation, or to reach that all-important work summit, our Uganda Self Drives Toyota Wish will ensure you pull up with pride. No need to count the distance you drive, either. We offer unlimited mileage, plus a range of other perks.

Our Toyota Wish is the most preferred choice among both locals and international travelers because of its resilience, low fuel consumption and comfort it offers throughout your trip. Whether you need to rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda on a self drive or car rental with a driver in Uganda, we will be able to arrange that for you at a very unbeatable Toyota Wish price in Uganda.

Key features of a Toyota Wish

Our Toyota Wish is a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) that is manufactured by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation and has been around since 2003. Our Toyota Wish comes with features like a fully functional Air Conditioner (AC), seating capacity of up to 7 people with enough leg room and head room, enough space for luggage, and a 1.8 Litre 1ZZ FE engine that gives it the perfect fuel economy balance of 14.4KM/Litre.

Restrictions: Once you rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda, you are not allowed to drive this car to national parks or any other hard to reach areas within the country. The car is majorly meant for town trips.

Why rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda

As you plan for your trip in Uganda, you will need a car that will give you a hassle free experience on the road and if you are wondering why you need to hire a Toyota Wish in Uganda, below are some of the reasons you can base on to rent this spacious car.

Fuel efficiency

The first and foremost reason you need to consider when renting a car in Uganda is how it consumes fuel. Many travelers rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda because of its low fuel consumption. This consumes a litre of fuel per 14.4KM making it the best option for budget travelers.

And as you drive on highways, the consumption is likely to be lower than in crowded places like city centres.

Spacious interior

Looking for a car with an elegant interior, our Toyota Wish is the right car. This comes with enough space for 7 people providing them with enough leg room, headroom and also has comfortable seats designed to give the driver and the passenger a comfortable ride as you visit the various destinations.

It also comes with a modern entertainment system to give you a memorable experience on the road. This has USB ports as well so that you can easily charge your devices

Safety features

Safety has always been our top priority while you use our cars and for this Toyota Wish, it comes with safety features that include airbags for the driver and the passengers, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC) among others. With these features, you will be sure that you are safe while on the road.


Whether you are renting for a week, a month or even more, our car rental options are very flexible for you. For those who prefer to rent a Toyota Wish on a long term basis, we have flexible payment plans for you and between your rental period, we can do the car maintenance at no extra cost so that you have the very best experience on and off road.

How much is a Toyota Wish car hire in Uganda?

Our rental price for Toyota Wish in Uganda is unbeatable and this is only $30 per day. If you are renting on a long term car rental Uganda, we have amazing discounts that you will be able to enjoy.

Our rent a Toyota wish in Uganda rental fee includes unlimited mileage which gives you the freedom to explore and visit any destination of your choice in Uganda where our car is not restricted. Our fees for the car also come with insurance for the car and road side assistance in case of a breakdown during your rental period.

What do I need to rent a Toyota wish in Uganda?

If you prefer a self drive in Uganda, all you will need to provide us with is a valid copy of your driving license, copy of your passport and international driving permit. After receiving these, we will definitely proceed and make sure your Toyota Wish is reserved and made available upon your arrival in the country. You will to be aged at least between 25-65 years of age as this gives us the confidence that in deed you know how to drive.

For those who prefer to rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda with a driver, you will simply share with us your itinerary and our driver will be able to get you anywhere you would like to visit on your trip.

To rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda, you can send us an email on and our reservations team will take you through the booking process and make sure your car is reserved and availed to you upon arrival at the airport.

Alternatively, you can rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda directly on +256 759498123 and our customer care agent will take you through everything you need to know before you hire  a Toyota wish in Uganda.

With a Toyota Wish, you can go anywhere in Uganda and explore some of the hidden gems in the country where public transport won’t take you.

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