Uganda Self Drive Safaris

Uganda Self Drive safaris

Uganda is definitely a must visit destination especially for travelers who are opting for Uganda self drive safaris and you are looking for a country that does have a lot to offer at very affordable and pocket friendly rates. The country was recently listed by CNN among the top destination in the world anyone can check out in 2023 and this is attributed to the fact that it has some of the activities you won’t find anywhere else apart from here.

Whether you are looking forward to seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, the world’s most powerful waterfall- Murchison falls, chimpanzee species in Kibale Forest National Park, tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, grab a snack of Rolex – made of rolled eggs and chapattis and so much more.

We have self drive Uganda safaris packages you can choose from whether you prefer a budget or luxury. To have the best experience on self drive Uganda safaris, you will need to have a perfect 4X4 rental car that will take you from one destination to another with ease and hassle free. We have a fleet of cars that you can choose from whether it’s a solo Uganda safari or group safari.

Where to go on a Uganda self Drive safaris

A visit in East Africa is incomplete if you don’t get the opportunity to visit the “Pearl of Africa”- Uganda to see so much that’s within her boundaries. These are the top places you can visit while in Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This is among the top visited places in Uganda and this is attributed to the fact that the park is the best place you can see gorillas in their natural habitat at very affordable rates. Bwindi is home to almost close to half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas. To go for gorilla trekking, you will need to have purchased a gorilla trekking permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority at $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and UGX 750, 000 for E.African citizens.

Seeing man’s closest relative in the forests is a dream come true and a lifetime opportunity that anyone deserves to experience. A gorilla trekking permit will allow you to go close to these endangered wildlife with the help of armed rangers and guides for about 1hr except for travelers who prefer gorilla habituation, you will be allowed to spend more than an hour taking photos and observing their behavior.

You will also be able to see other wildlife species as they roam around the park like different species of birds, butterflies, insects and so much more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Your Uganda self drive safaris is incomplete if you don’t get to visit this park that’s home the tree climbing lions that can be seen in the Ishasha sector of the park. These exhibited such a skill to escape insect bites while on ground.

While in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can as well visit the Kasenyi plains where you will spot numerous wildlife species like buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards, different bird species, antelopes, and so much more. You can as well visit the Kazinga channel where you can do a boat cruise that introduces you species like the crocodiles, hippos and other species on the shores.

Murchison Falls National Park

This is yet another exciting and rewarding place that you definitely need to check out while on your Uganda self drive safaris. Murchison Falls National Park is home to the famous and world’s most powerful water fall- the Murchison Falls that are formed as a result of the Nile river forcing its way through a narrow gorge thus forming a thunderous sound.

Apart from the Murchison Falls, you can as well go for a game drive that introduces you to various wildlife species that you will see as they roam around the park premises. These include; hyenas,  leopards, lions, antelopes, buffaloes, giraffes, elephants, different species of birds, warthogs among others.

You can as well go on boat cruise up stream the Nile River where you will see the Murchison falls and other wildlife species like the Nile crocodile, the hippos, birds and so much more.

Kibale Forest National Park

Also known as the “Primate capital of the world”, Kibale Forest National Park is the best place in the whole of East and central Africa where you will be able to see chimpanzees in their natural habitat. To see these endangered species, you will need to have purchased a chimpanzee tracking permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority

A self drive to this park situated in the western part of the country will take you between 4-5hrs depending on the traffic and road to get there. While here, you can visit the Bigodi wetland sanctuary best known to have numerous bird species like the great blue turaco bird species.

There other primate species you will be able to see within the park boundaries and these include red tailed monkeys, velvet monkeys, grey cheeked monkeys and more.

Kidepo Valley National Park

It might be among the less visited places but while on your Uganda self drive safaris, visiting this place will introduce you to some of the hidden gems that the park has to offer. This park that’s situated in the northern part of Uganda, is home to zebra species that you will see in the park premises, giraffes, spotted hyenas, ostriches, lions and others.

While here, you will also get to see the see different species of birds. Over 495 bird species have been documented in this place making it one of the best places to see these species.

You can also go on a cultural encounter where you will visit the local communities in the around like the karamajong who you will interact with and also get to know about their way of life.

Other places that you can visit while on your Uganda self drive safaris include Lake Mburo National park, Semuliki, Mgahinga, the source of the Nile River in Jinja, explore Kampala and Entebbe, the sipi falls in the East of Uganda and so much more.

Best time to go for a self drive in Uganda

Uganda can be visited throughout the year and will give you the very best experience regardless of the season you will visit the country. The best time you can have the very experience while in Uganda is during the dry season when the country is receiving less or no rainfall at all. This makes the roads and routes especially upcountry passable and less slippery.

During the wet season, the country receives a lot of rainfall in most parts of the country which may hinder your movement plans/itinerary and also some of the roads upcountry are slippery making it hard to navigate through them. However, at Uganda Self Drives we have the 4×4 cars that are perfect to get you anywhere regardless of the season and are availed at very unbeatable and pocket friendly rates.

Regardless of the season you choose to travel or come for a Uganda self drive safaris, we assure you that you will have the best experience and hassle free time with our Uganda car rental option you will choose.

Is Uganda safe for a self drive

Absolutely yes. Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa that has recorded no case against international travelers for the last two decades which assures you that you are safe. On your Uganda self drive safaris, as long you follow the set traffic rules and safety precautions, you will absolutely be safe.

What you need to rent a car for Uganda self drive safaris?

Uganda can be fully explored with a car rental from a trusted rental agency and to have a car availed to you, for self drive in Uganda, you will need to have provided a valid copy of your passport, a valid copy of your international driving license.

Best cars to rent on a Uganda self drive safaris

We have a large fleet of cars that are well-maintained and serviced cars available for hire for anyone planning for Uganda self drive safaris. These do include; a Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8, Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser GX, land Cruiser Prado with a rooftop tent and more others

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