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rwanda self drive

Looking for cheap Rwanda self drive deals? We have the best  and affordable Kigali car rental Rwanda deals. We help you get that much needed self drive Rwanda that allows you to explore the country’s of the beaten path’s gems with ease and at a car hire Rwanda price that matches your pockets.

For travelers visiting Rwanda on a business trip or for leisure, be rest assured we will as well get you the most affordable self drive cars for hire in Rwanda at the best rates. 

Our fleet of Rwanda self drive cars is regularly maintained and serviced to make sure you have a hassle free experience while on your roadtrip in the different parts of the country. This consists of 4×4 car rental Rwanda vehicles like a Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8/VX, Land Cruiser GX manual, Safari vans, Land Cruiser 70 series plus saloon cars for travelers who would prefer to spend most of their time within Kigali and other towns.

For travelers interested in self drive in Rwanda and who would want to visit national parks like Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National park and more, we have customized cars that are designed to make your trip within the ‘Land of a thousand hills” memorable. These do include Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ with pop up roof, Land Cruiser V8/VX with pop up roof, Land Cruiser GX manual with pop up roof and much more.

Our car rental services in Rwanda are not only limited to Rwanda self drive but we also offer car rental Rwanda with a driver – that allows you to sit back and relax and let our driver/guide take you anywhere you would like to visit on your Rwanda safari tour. Our drivers are well experienced and versed with the road network in the country making sure you get to arrive at your destination on time to catch your next activity. These are also fully licensed to drive on the road and their discipline is what sets us aside as the best car hire Rwanda Company you can choose for your next adventure.

Do you wish to cross into Uganda on your self drive Rwanda safari? We can arrange that too and get you the required documents for you to be in Uganda legally and explore the country’s popular destinations with ease. These include Bwindi Impenetrable National park to see mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth National Park popular because of its tree climbing lions, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and much more.

Best Rwanda self drive cars

Our fleet of Kigali car rental self drive keeps growing every day and this does consist of cars both 4×4 vehicles and saloon cars. These are;

Rwanda Self Drive

Toyota RAV4

Rent a Toyota RAV4 in Rwanda if you are looking for cheap car hire Rwanda vehicle to use on your self driving safari in Rwanda.

This is a 4×4 vehicle which gives it the capacity and strength to navigate through the tough terrains in the country. It’s a 4 seater with enough space for your luggage without sacrificing comfort for anyone.

It’s a petrol car and very fuel efficient.

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

If you are looking for a fuel efficient and comfortable SUV to use on your Rwanda self drive, our Land Cruiser TX/TZ is the best choice. It’s a fulltime 4×4 vehicle equipped with a strong engine to get you anywhere within the country with ease.

Our Land Cruiser TX/TZ is a 5-6 seater with seats that can be adjusted to give you the travel comfort while on a roadtrip across Rwanda.

Rwanda Self Drive

Land Cruiser V8/VX

Looking for a luxurious and comfortable car to use on your trip, count on our Land Cruiser V8/VX. This is a 6-7 seater with super comfortable seats and enough space for your luggage.

Unlike the fuel consumption of a Land Cruiser TX/TZ, this cars consumption is slightly high because of the strong engine that makes it the best 4×4 vehicle to use if you plan to visit remote areas in Rwanda and Uganda on your self drive Rwanda safari.

Rwanda Self Drive

Safari van

Are you visiting Rwanda as a group of friends, family and would need a car that accommodates all the members without sacrificing comfort for anyone? Rent safari van in Rwanda with us and we assure you a memorable roadtrip with this car. This comes equipped with comfortable seats that are well spaced to give you enough legroom and travel comfort you need on your trip. Our safari van has a diesel engine and a 4×4 car.

Rwanda Self Drive

Land Cruiser GX manual

Shift gears on your self drive in Rwanda with our reliable Land Cruiser GX Manual which is a 7-8 seater with very comfortable seats that can be adjusted to any position.

Unlike the other cars, our Land Cruiser GX manual comes with two diesel fuel tanks and it’s also a full time 4×4 car allowing you to visit some of the destinations situated in areas with rough terrains.

Safari Land Cruiser Extended

Get the best out of your self drive safari Rwanda when you rent our Safari Land Cruiser Extended which is an 8-9 seater with comfortable seats meant to give you the travel comfort you need. 

This comes with a fridge, charging ports and a popup roof to give you a clear view of various willdife as they roam freely in the national park. 

Why choose us for your Rwanda self drive

There’s a reason as to why we stand out to be the most preferred Rwanda car rental service provider. This is because of the following reasons;

Rwanda self drive
  • Affordable and cheap car hire Rwanda: Regardless of your budget, we have a car for you. Whether you are planning for that Rwanda self drive safari or business trip, just talk to us and we will be able to arrange you a car at the cheapest Rwanda self drive prices.
  • 24/7: We value and understand the importance of communication – a reason as to why our customer helpline is always open to respond to all your inquiries regarding the car or your itinerary in Rwanda. We make sure you visit Rwanda after fully understanding each and everything and while within the country, we will always follow up to make sure you are not facing challenges. In cases of a breakdown, we will never charge you an extra fee to work on the car. We have agents all over the country who are always eager and ready to serve should there be a need.
  • Local experts: All our experts are well versed with any place in Rwanda. Should you face any difficulty, these will equip you with so much you need to know before and during your trip.
  • Top friendly guides: it’s quite frustrating and uncomfortable to a have driver/guide who is not friendly on your trip. When you rent a car with driver in Rwanda with us, you will never face such a challenge. Our drivers are the best, disciplined and English speaking to make sure you get the best out of your trip in Rwanda.

Our Other car rental Rwanda services

Car rental Rwanda with rooftop tent

Explore Rwanda’s popular and most visited places without worrying about where you will spend your night. We have rooftop tents for hire at very cheap prices. Our car rental Rwanda with rooftop tent comes with full camping gear that comes with almost each and everything you will need while staying in the wild/camp sites.

Our car rental Rwanda with rooftop tent is popular among Rwanda self drive travelers because of the privacy it gives to the occupants. With exception of our Toyota RAV4, our other cars are strong enough to stand the weight of a rooftop tent.

Rwanda self drive

Rwanda self drive with camping gear

There’s nothing as memorable as waking up to the sound of birds and roaring lions in the wild. Our Rwanda self drive with camping gear not only saves you dollars you will have spent on accommodation but also gives you the chance to experience nature in its real form. Our camping gear that you can hire with a car in Rwanda include; sleeping bags, ground tent, utensils, cooking gas, camping chairs, table, BBQ grill, storage box, cooler box, an electronic fridge (at an extra fee) and much more.

Long term car rental Rwanda

Are you in Rwanda for a business trip or even on a safari and would like to hire a car on a long term basis? Look no further. We have amazing car hire deals in Rwanda on long term car rental Rwanda on any car of your choice.

Whether you are interested in a Rwanda self drive or car rental with driver in Rwanda, we will be able to arrange that for you at very unbeatable Kigali, Rwanda car hire prices. Contact us today and we will be able to share with you a quote.

Car rental Rwanda tips

When it comes to travel experience in Rwanda, car rental Rwanda has become staple for both safari goers and travelers on their business trip in the country. However, it can be challenging especially for first time visitors in the country who would want to rent a car. The good news! We have put together some of the best car rental Rwanda tips to bear in mind saving you dollars and time. These include;

Book early prior to your arrival;

Like the saying says, “the early bird catches the worm” so is car rental. To get the best car hire Rwanda deals, we recommend making sure you do reserve your car weeks before your arrival. This allows you to choose the best and negotiate for a price that matches your pockets.

Thoroughly inspect the car;

This is one of the most important things you need to do before you proceed with your trip. It helps you identify scratches and damages on the car so that as you return it, you are blamed for something you are not responsible for. If possible take a video or photos of the car before you start your trip.

Find out about hidden charges;

Nothing frustrates like surprising and unplanned charges while on your Rwanda self drive. Therefore, it’s very important before you proceed to rent a car in Uganda to ask about any other charges you need to made aware of. The beauty about car hire Rwanda with us is that we don’t have any hidden charges. What we discuss with you is final and you shouldn’t expect any changes while on your trip.

Understand the rental agreement

Various car rental companies in Rwanda provide rental agreements that you are required to sign before you go ahead and proceed with your trip. We request you to always read and understand this agreement so that you know what you are expected of and what you don’t have to go against.

Inquire about the traffic guidelines

Driving in a foreign country for the first time can be challenging especially when you are not so sure about the traffic guidelines on the road. It’s important you familiarize yourself with the country you are visiting, the driving speeds and much more.

Our other Rwanda self drive services

Rwanda self drive

One way car rental Rwanda

This simply means that you rent a car in one city and then drop it in another one. Our one way car rental Rwanda prices are affordable and we only charge a small fee on your one way car rental Rwanda to cater for fuel and driver’s allowance.

Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable car rental Rwanda service provider, look no further.

Airport transfers in Rwanda

Are you living or arriving through Kigali airport, we can arrange the best car to pick you up. Whether you are looking at VIP airport transfer in Rwanda in a luxurious car or just a transfer in any of the cars at affordable prices. Some of the cars you can choose from include a Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8/VX, Land Cruiser GX Manual and more.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Rwanda

The cost of Rwanda self drive varies and this is affected by a number of factors that do include the rental period, the type of car you would prefer to rent, your destination and much more.

The rental period: travelers renting a car for more than 14 days, we have amazing car rental Rwanda discounts for you to benefit from thus reducing the cost of car hire. For those renting on per day basis, the cost is likely not to change.

Type of vehicle: We have a large fleet of cars available for hire in Rwanda and these vary in terms of strength and comfort. The more comfortable and strong the car is, the more you are likely to pay. For example, the cost of Land Cruiser V8 rental in Rwanda will slightly be high to that of Land Cruiser TX/TZ because the latter is less comfortable and stronger compared to Land Cruiser TX/TZ.

Destination: travelers seeking to cross the border into Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania, the cost of car hire will be slightly high to cater for the insurance for the car to cross into these other destinations and other documents that allow the car to legally be in such countries.

Overall, the cost of car hire Rwanda is as follows;


1 week/day

2 weeks/day

1 month/per day

Toyota RAV4




Land Cruiser Prado




Land Cruiser V8/VX




Land Cruiser GX manual




Safari van




How to rent a car in Rwanda?

To rent a car in Rwanda on your self drive, you can send us an email on and our reservations team will be on standby to take you through the smooth booking process and make sure your booked car is availed to you upon arrival in the country.

Alternatively, you can talk to our team directly on +256 759498123 and they will be able to brief you with each and everything you’d like to know about car rental Rwanda.

    FAQs about Rwanda Self Drive

    We understand visiting a foreign country for the first time can be frustrating and you may have a number of questions you may wanted answered. We have detailed some of the questions and their respective answers for your consideration.

    Is it safe to self drive in Rwanda?

    Safety has always been everyone’s concern when visiting a place they are not familiar with but we do give you the assurance that you will absolutely be safe as you self drive Rwanda as long as you follow the set traffic guidelines on the road that include the speed limits, driving on the right hand side of the road and much more.

    Is it easy to drive in Rwanda?

    Rwanda remains one of the few countries in Africa with developed road network thus its very easy and safe to self drive in Rwanda. Most of the roads heading to the key tourist sites are tarmacked offering you the travel comfort you need.

    Can foreigners drive in Rwanda?

    Absolutely right. As long as you have the required documents to drive the car, you will be allowed to proceed with your trip in this east African country. The requirements include a driving license, an international driving permit and your passport which is issued by your home country.

    Overall, if you are looking for a reliable Rwanda self drive service provider, we are here to deliver the best car for your trip at very affordable rates. 

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