Hire Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda

Comfort is everyone’s top priority and something they do consider while renting out a car in Uganda and it’s our role as Uganda Self Drives to avail a car that will enable you have that much desired business trip, honeymoon trip or safari in Uganda.

Rent a Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda today if you prefer extra comfort and want a perfect car that will go through any terrain with ease. This 4-6 seater among the popular 4×4 hire cars especially for VIP trips like Airport transfers, business trips or Uganda safaris.

Our Land Cruiser V8 is both automatic and manual, depending on what you prefer we will be able to provide that at very affordable rates.

Features that come with Land Cruiser V8 include a working Air conditioner (AC), radio, Bluetooth enabled speakers, GPS (at an extra fee), fridge at an extra fee to keep your drinks cold while on a road trip and more.

Land Cruiser V8 Pop up roof

If you are going for a game drive in some of the parks in Uganda and would prefer a car that will enable you have a close look at wildlife species in their natural habitat. Rent Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda that comes with a pop up roof to give you that much desired experience and a 360 degrees view of different corners of the park. 

Roof top tent

We have reliable Land Cruiser V8 that you can hire with a rooftop tent in Uganda at very affordable and pocket friendly rates. Our rooftop tent hire is meant for people who’d prefer to spend their night in the wild and we assure its safe and will give you a memorable experience.

Spare tyre

Before we give out a car for self drive in Uganda, we make sure we do avail you a spare tyre to address uncertainties like when you get a flat tyre before your trip ends. This rarely happens because we give out our cars after they have been fully serviced and a traveler getting a flat tyre is a rare case.

Fuel Consumption

When it comes to fuel consumption, a Land Cruiser V8 will consume more compared to a Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser TX, Saloon cars and this is attributed to the fact that it’s a stronger car than the mentioned models. The stronger the car, the more fuel it’s likely to consume. A 93 litre full tank of a Land Cruiser V8 can take you between 500km and 600km depending on the terrain and road conditions. The cost of a litre of gasoline in Uganda is at only $1.35 only.

Rent a Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda

Land Cruiser V8 | Key Highlights;

  • Transmission – Manual and Automatic.
  • Fuel type- Diesel and Petro
  • Seating capacity- 5-7 people
  • Features; Bluetooth enabled speakers, air conditioner (AC), comfortable leather seats, a fridge (at an extra cost) and more.
  • GPS- yes
  • A spare tyre
  • Pop up
  • Roof top tent (at an extra cost)
  • Minimum car rental age – 25 years. 

How much is renting a Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda

The cost of renting a Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda is quite affordable as it goes for only $80 per day and this excludes the driver that is if you prefer one and fuel as well. Our costs are always revised so that we give you the best experience and fit within your budget.

Is Land Cruiser V8 a good car?

In terms of performance and strength, a Land cruiser V8 is a very perfect option that will give you the real value for your money. Regardless of the nature of terrain you will be driving on, this is the car that will get you easily.

Land Cruiser V8 Rental price in Uganda




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To book a Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda, please do visit our contact form and fill it with your details, when you want the car, the number of days and where we should deliver it. Our customer care will get to you right after to process your booking and answer you’re other inquiries.

You can as well Whatsapp us on +256 759498123 to talk to an expert.

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