Top Safety driving tips during the rainy season in Uganda

Top Safety driving tips during the rainy season in Uganda

Uganda continues to be the leading destination amongst travelers due to abundance of activities you can do within her boundaries. The East African country can be visited any time of the year and whether it’s during the rainy season or dry season of the year, you will get the much needed memorable experience.

For travelers planning to visit the country during the rainy season of the year, we have put together key safety tips you need to keep in mind as you drive on the roads to various destinations within Uganda. Whether you plan to visit the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, drive to Murchison Falls National Park to see the world’s most powerful waterfall and more other destinations, we have put together the best tips to follow to safely drive on the road during the rainy season. These include;

  • Avoid large Puddles

As you drive on the road on either tarmacked or murram roads during the rainy season in Uganda, we recommend avoiding going through puddles because sometimes you can’t tell how deep these maybe. Roads especially those situated in national parks are hard to go through during the rainy season and these have puddles.

Avoid driving on the shoulders of the road as sometimes water concentrates on such positions. Drive from the middle of the road and only when there’s enough space for the incoming vehicle.

  • Don’t over speed

You are required to keep the driving speed at 50KM/hr for your safety on the road. If you are driving at a high speed, you may loose control of the car and then cause an accident. If you highly doubt your driving skills, park the car and wait for the rain to clear.

  • Be on the look out

During the rainy season, trees tend to fall off on a number of roads. As you drive on the road, be alert and spot where the danger may be that would lead to an accident. During rain, your hearing is always interrupted with. Its important you reduce the noise inside the car to concentrate on the noise coming from the outside.

  • Avoid causing confusion on the road

Driving through major cities of Uganda during the rainy season needs some level of patience. During the rush hours traffic jam tends to be much more than expect which forces other road users to leave their lanes. Once you do this especially during the rainy season when visibility is altered with, it will cause confusion to other driving hence increasing chances of causing a collision.

Its important you turn on signals to let other road users know your intentions while you drive during the rainy season.

  • Check your car

Before we give out our cars to travelers, we make sure everything perfectly functions very well. It’s very important that as a traveler you get to check the car before you head out for your trip. Check for the wipers, the tyres and ask whether the spare tyre has enough pressure to help you in case you get a flat tyre.

These are some of the best tips you can follow to have a memorable roadtrip in Uganda on your self drive. We have the best 4×4 cars that are strong enough to navigate the rugged terrains in National parks especially during the rainy season.

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