4x4 car rental in Uganda

4x4 car rentals uganda

Getting the right car while on your business trip or safari in Uganda is a challenge but with Uganda Self Drives, we assure you that we have the right car for every event. Whether you are traveling as a solo traveler, family trip or honey moon, you will be able to get a car that matches your budget from our fleet of car.

If you are looking for a reliable for 4×4 car rental in Uganda to give you a reliable on and off road experience, we have these and they are well maintained and serviced to give you a hassle free experience. Whether you are a car on a monthly car rental Uganda basis or weeks on a self drive Uganda or car rental with a driver in Uganda, we confirm to you that you will get the best experience.

Rent all-terrain 4×4 expedition vehicles and campervans ideal for local roads, like Toyota Land Cruiser TX, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser GX manual, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Patrol and more; all fully equipped with all the camping gear you need (at an extra cost) – ready for an unforgettable road-trip.

What’s included in 4×4 car rental in Uganda

In case you are planning on visiting hard to reach and remote areas within Uganda and beyond, our 4×4 car rental In Uganda vehicles will surpass your expectations. These come with extras to give you a memorable and rewarding time within the country’s boundaries. These include camping gear that consists of all the gear you will need, a GPS, A rooftop tent (at an extra cost), features like a well-functioning modern entertaining system, comfortable seats made of leather and non-leather, air conditioner, a spare tyre, an electronic fridge, and so much more.

How much is 4×4 car rental in Uganda

Rent a car Uganda prices specifically for 4×4 vehicles vary depending on the number of days you would prefer to rent the car, the type of car, and the destination.

Different 4×4 Uganda cars vary in terms of strength and comfort which implies that the stronger the car, the higher rent car Uganda prices. For example the cost of renting a Land Cruiser TX is slightly lower than that of renting a Land Cruiser V8 because the latter is more comfortable and strength.

When you opt for monthly car rental Uganda you will automatically qualify for a discount on car rental Uganda. However, if you are renting on a per day basis, the cost is likely to be high with no discount offered.

Is it safe to rent a car in Uganda?

Safety is everyone’s concern when renting a car in a foreign and we assure you that its completely safe to rent a car and driving on roads in Uganda. The road network in Uganda is gradually improving with a number of roads within the city and highways tarmacked or with murram which eases movement.

When it comes to security, Uganda has had no record against international travelers for over two decades rendering it the best place and safest place anyone can visit throughout the year.

What is the best car to rent for 4 people?

We have a number of 4×4 car rental Uganda cars that take up to 4 people. These include a Land Cruiser TX, a RAV4, Land cruiser V8, Saloon cars among others. These cars are well maintained and serviced to give you the best experience while on and off road.

How to rent a car in Uganda

Car rental Uganda is the best way you can explore and discover so much the country has within her boundaries and to rent a car in Uganda, you will need to fill our request form with your details about the number of days, number of people, destination and your choice of car. Upon receiving your request, we will take you through the booking process and make sure your car is reserved and availed upon your arrival.

Alternatively you can get to us through +256 759498123 to make your booking and our reservations team will make sure they get back to you as soon as possible to process your booking.

Go ahead and book your preferred 4×4 car rental Uganda to enable you move from one destination to another and discover Uganda at your own pace.

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