Get up close with Uganda’s hidden unique features while driving in Uganda as a tourist. In this article we have detailed what you need to know:

Uganda was recently ranked among the top destinations anyone can visit in 2023 by CNN and this is attributed to the fact that the country has a lot it can offer that’s within her boundaries and all this can be explored while on a self-drive as a tourist in the country.

Whether you are planning on visiting the south western part of Uganda to see the mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth National Park to see the tree climbing lions, Murchison Falls National Park to see the world’s most powerful waterfall and more, we have detailed all the necessary information you need to know while you are driving in Uganda as a tourist.  

In Uganda we drive from the left side of the road unlike for example France or Netherlands where they drive from the right side of the road. If you are not used of driving from the left side of the road, we highly recommend that you take extra caution and pay so much attention so that you don’t make any mistakes. Usually mistakes are done by drivers who are from countries that drive from the right side of the road on junctions and roundabouts.

What you need to have to driving in Uganda as a tourist

Before a rental car is availed to you for self drive in Uganda, you will need to have availed important documents like a valid copy of your driving permit, international driving permit and a valid copy of your passport. Driving in Uganda as a tourist is absolutely for free expect along the Entebbe expressway where there’s a toll gate that you will need to pay where you can pay to access the road. This road is used by tourists who intend to avoid traffic jam in Kampala city and would want to get to the airport or any destination on time.

To drive a car in Uganda you have to be aged above 18 years and posses the above documents.

Quality of the roads in Uganda

The roads in Uganda are greatly improving with now so many roads within the city centre and towns tarmacked. If you’re planning to travel to any national park or remote areas in the country, The roads there aren’t as good as you can expect them to be and we heavily recommend hiring a 4×4 rental car like a Land Cruiser TX/TZ/ Land Cruiser V8 and if you prefer a budget option, we have a Toyota RAV4.

Traffic rules and signs

As you drive in Uganda, there traffic rules and regulations you are expected to respect and adhere to. Once you commit an offense against these, there’s a penalty that will be issued that you will be able to pay. Or even imprisonment.

Some of these include respecting the road signs put at different points on various roads within the country. These include warnings, animal crossing signs and more. Some of the signs are always telling

You are also expected to stop once a traffic officer asks you to do so. Traffic officers in Uganda are friendly and they will stop you to confirm whether you have the right documents to be on the road and the conditions of the car you are driving.

Driving with a seatbelt on a legal requirement in Uganda. Once you found without this on, you will be penalized.

The speed limit on Ugandan roads

Are you planning on driving in Uganda as a tourist? It’s important to know the speed limit for your own safety and other road users. While driving in towns, you are expected not to exceed 50KM/hr and 80KM/hr while driving on a highway.

Some of the roads in Uganda have these speed limits indicated on sign posts to guide you.

Road behavior

Generally, driving on Ugandan roads is easy but like any other country, there will be that annoying driver who will either overtake when they are not supposed to do so, honk so much to distract you. We advise you to fully be pay attention to the car you are driving and the road as well.

If you happen to meet cars on the road that are labeled “L” on the road, this implies that the person in the car is being guided by an instructor and learning how to drive.


Is it safe to self drive in Uganda?

The road network in Uganda has been improving and getting to any of the destinations is now quite easy than centuries ago. In terms of security, Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa and has no record against international travelers for more than two years. Therefore, driving in the country is safe and we assure you a hassle free experience.

How much is driving in Uganda as a tourist?

The cost of self drive in Uganda depends on the rental car you prefer to use, the number of days and the number of people. Having put these in mind, we will be able to provide you with a quote. If you are renting for more than a month, you will automatically qualify for a discount on car rental in Uganda.

Our prices include unlimited mileage meaning we don’t limit you on when or where you can stop or even charge you an extra fee for exceeding a given point. We also don’t have hidden costs, what we give you is always the final amount and we always give you that figure before you proceed with renting a car with us.

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