Where to do game drives on self drive in Uganda

Looking for the best places you can do game drives on a self drive in Uganda? Worry not because in this article we will cover that relevant information you are looking for so that you get a memorable and unforgettable time while in the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is a rich tourism country gaining its popularity from attractions that include unique landscapes and diverse wildlife species that a lot of travelers from outside countries come to visit. The country has a variety of National parks which makes Game drives so popular and rewarding to the visitors – a reason as to why as to why it was recently listed among the top destinations by CNN to visit in 2023

Game Drives in Uganda

Game drives are a special highlight everyone should consider while on a Uganda safari. These drives normally include driving with safari vehicles through National parks and game reserves in search for wild life. Game drives always give a rewarding experience as many animals are spotted as they roam around the specific locations or their habitat.

While on a game drive in Uganda, you should expect to spot a lot of wild life depending on the specific destination you have visited. Some of the wild life you are to spot during a game drive in Uganda’s national parks and game reserves include; leopards, elephants, giraffes,  Uganda kobs, waterbucks, bushbucks, hippos, buffaloes , elands, cheetahs , kudus, oribi, Bohor reedbucks,  zebras,  Jackson’s hartebeest, lions, hyena and many more.

Best Destinations to do game drives on self drive Uganda

Uganda has about 10 National Parks and 12 game reserves. With all these, Uganda becomes one of the best tourism destinations specifically for game drives. Among all these destinations, there are those which offer the best experience when you talk of game drives on a self drive Uganda and they include;

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park that’s situated in the western part of the country is among the most visited national park in Uganda. The park is home to almost 95 mammal species and 600 bird species. While game driving on self drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you should count it on your plan to spot various animals such as, tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector off the park, elephants, leopards,  spotted hyenas, Ugandan kobs, Buffaloes, topis, bush bucks, side-stripped jackals, hippos,  bush  pigs etc. Birds to be spotted such as, Shoebill, Haerkopm, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, and great White Pelicans among others.

The best time to enjoy game drives on a self drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park is during early morning hours and late evenings when the animals are always looking for what to eat. The dry season which takes place during the months of June to September and December to February will obviously give you a rewarding experience as the animals usually gather on water bodies to drink water and relax.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls National Park is the oldest and largest of all national parks in Uganda. It is located in the North western part of Uganda and game drives in this park mostly takes place within the delta region which is situated next to lake Albert although the entire park is good for a game drive.

While on a game driving on a self drive in Murchison falls National Park, you should expect spotting various animals such as lions, elephants, leopards, oribis, bush bucks, buffaloes, and Uganda kobs among others. Some of the birds to spot include; shoebill, giant king fisher, African darter, long toed plover, osprey and many others. The park has safe routes to use while driving through.

During morning and late evening hours, it is guaranteed that you are likely to spot most of the animals and birds due to the fact that they are always active during that period. On sunny days, you will indeed get the best viewing experience because a lot of animals gather on water bodies to drink water and refresh themselves.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest National Park of Uganda, the closest park to Kampala and it is located in the Western part of Uganda in Kiruhura district. Game driving in Lake Mburo National Park involves spotting various animals in their habitats such as, Zebra, bush bark, buffaloes, jackals, elands, hyenas, warthogs, leopards and there are a unique and special species of animals called the Impalas which make the park unique from other national parks of Uganda.

Lake Mburo is also one of the national parks in Uganda where night game drives can be conducted. During night game drive, visitors get an opportunity of spotting nocturnal animals such as hyenas and hippos getting ready for the night and hence offering a memorable and rewarding experience to the visitors.

The best time to conduct game drives on a self drive in Lake Mburo National Park is during the early morning hours and late evenings where animals and birds are more active.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo National Park is located in the north eastern corner of Uganda in Kaabong district near Karenga. It is one of the best national parks in Uganda to       go for a game drive on self drive Uganda that will give you that real African experience you need. Game driving in Kidepo National park involve driving through the park’s trails looking for animals, birds and other wildlife nature as you capture the different scenic views.

While on a game drive in Kidepo National Park, look forward to seeing wildlife species like cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, eland, cape buffaloes, kangoni, lions, elephant, leopards, birds (about 475 species) and beautiful features such as savannahs, Kanangorok Hot springs, River Kidepo and The Narus Valley.

Why you shouldn’t miss game drives while on your Uganda self drive safari

Game driving is a must do activity or call it an essential activity you must include on your list when planning for a self drive Uganda safari or be it a guided Uganda safari.

Game driving is one of the most interesting Uganda safaris as it helps you to get closer to the nature and finding the animals in their habitats.

While on game drives in Uganda’s national parks, there s no doubt that you will have a chance of spotting 4 of the big five animals especially when you go to Murchison Falls National Park Or Kidepo Valley National Park.

Still about game drives in Ugandan National Parks, you will get beautiful scenic views of the savannah grasslands which also harbor most of the animals and birds.

During morning hours, you will have an opportunity of listening to the singing birds and seeing beautiful morning sunrise.

Frequently asked questions about game drives on self drive Uganda

Where can I go on game drive in Uganda?

Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo valley national park, Lake Mburo National Park.

What is the biggest game park in Uganda?

The biggest game park in Uganda is Murchison Falls National Park

What is the smallest game park in Uganda?

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the smallest game park in Uganda

Which game park is nearest to Kampala?

Lake Mburo National Park

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