Why you need to hire a car for Self drive in Uganda?

When visiting Uganda for whether a business trip or safari you may need a reliable means of transport to get you from one point to another? And one of the available options is renting a car for self drive in Uganda.

With a rental car, you can drive to any destination without worry of being delayed by anything which isn’t the case when you are using public means.

Uganda is endowed with so much from the beautiful scenic views, rare wildlife species like the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks, the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park where you will be able to see the world’s most powerful waterfall – Murchison Falls to Lake Mburo National Park to see Elands and Zebras and more other places.

You can as well visit the source of the Nile River in Jinja where you will be able to participate in a number of exciting and rewarding activities along the river like the white water rafting, bungee jumping and more.

We have a fleet of well-maintained and serviced cars that range from budget to Luxury designed to give you a hassle free experience while on and off road in Uganda. These cars do include a Toyota RAV4s, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Saloon cars, Safari Van, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser GX, Land Cruiser VX among others.

Reasons why you would rent a car for self drive in Uganda

There various advantages that come with renting a car for self drive in Uganda and these range from comfort, safety and financial issues.

Renting a car is the cheapest transport option.

If you are looking for the cheapest means of transport two or more people can use whether on a business trip or safari in Uganda, then car rental is something you must consider if you want to save money and still get to enjoy the comfort and privacy that comes with it.

Renting a car gives you the freedom to drive to any location, anytime without worry of being left out especially for individuals who would use public means. Public transport in Uganda has designated points where it stops and after that point, you will need to get another means of transport to get you to your final point which wastes a lot of time compared to when you rent a car to take you at once to your destination.

Offers you the privacy you need?

Imagine being traveling by a public means and someone is looking into your phone or even playing their music on a high volume? There’s nothing as irritating as this and that’s why you need a rental car to do anything you want at your own pace, giving you the privacy you need and peace of mind.


Many accidents that happen on various roads in Uganda are attributed to a slight human error therefore, various travelers usually prefer to drive themselves to their final destination to eliminate errors made by a third party that could end their lives.

What do I need to rent a car in Uganda?

Like any other country, to rent a car in Uganda you will need to avail a few crucial documents for identification and these do include a valid copy of your driving license or International driving permit and a valid copy of your passport.

Upon verifying these, we will be able to arrange you your car rental option, reserve and give it to you once you arrive in the country.

Cost of renting a car for self drive in Uganda?

The cost of renting a car for self drive in Uganda is mainly determined by a few factors and these do include the type of car you are renting, the number of people, and the destination.

The cost of cars usually varies given that different cars vary in terms of comfort and strength. For example renting a RAV4 on self drive in Uganda is less costly compared to renting a Land Cruiser V8. The cost of the above cars is $40 per day and $80 per day respectively. A Land Cruiser V8 is expensive because it has a stronger engine and more comfortable compared to a RAV4.

If the number of people is beyond 4, this means the cost of car rental will likely increase so that we avail a car that they can fully occupy.

The beauty about renting a car from Uganda Self Drives is that we have no hidden car rental costs. This implies that what we give you is always the final cost and we don’t have other costs that we will top up after you have rented a car from us. Our cost also comes with unlimited mileage – as long as you get to inform us of your destination and whether you will be crossing the border so that we get to arrange the required the documents for you to cross

Is it safe to rent a car for self drive in Uganda?

It’s absolutely safe to rent a car for self drive in Uganda as long as you have the right documents and follow the set traffic rules. For about two decades, Uganda hasn’t recorded any case against international travelers rendering it to be among the safest countries anyone can travel to anytime of the year. The country was recently listed by CNN among the top destinations to visit in 2023 and this is attributed to its security and abundant activities you can do while in the country.

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