Whether you are visiting the ‘Pearl of Africa’ for a business trip and safari, rent a car for self drive or car rental in Uganda with a driver is the cheapest and the easiest way to get around the different destinations situated in different parts of the country.

If you are looking for a place to visit and get to have a memorable and rewarding experience, Uganda is a must have on your bucket list. The country is endowed with so much that you can find within her boundaries and these range from the rare wildlife species like the mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, chimpanzees among others to nature beauties the world’s most powerful waterfall- Murchison falls, crater lakes in the western part of the country, the rolling hills and valleys and so much.


While you can choose to use public transport to get to these destinations, most of these buses reach at certain points which makes it hard for you to proceed right from there to the destined and final destination.

However, through renting a reliable car that you will be able to visit any of these places to have rewarding and an experience you will ever look for. At Uganda Self Drives, we have a fleet of self drive cars for hire in Uganda at very affordable and unbeatable rates.

With a car rental in Uganda with a driver or self drive, you will be able to get to any of the national parks or specific destination without worrying about being left behind by the public means of transport you would opt. Many public means like buses and air crafts, have a specific they set off to and from such locations which implies that if you come before or after that time, you likely to suspend your travel. But with car hire Uganda, you can drive to any location at any time and any day.

Renting a car in Uganda also gives you the privacy you need while on a trip, meaning you can take a nap when you want to, get a snack you need or even have endless stop overs in order to capture the different unique features within the country’s boundaries.

On top of giving you the freedom to travel anywhere anytime, car rental is pocket friendly compared to any other means. Imagine traveling from Kampala to Kidepo and then to Murchison using public means, this is costly but when you rent a car you are very sure that you will get to any of these destinations at your own pace. In other words, its cheap car hire in Uganda that will definitely get you to your final destination.

Renting a car is cheap because there are no costs involved like maintenance costs, pick up and drop off fees. As Uganda Self Drives, the only fee you will be asked before you proceed with your trip and right after that, there is no other amount of money you are expected to pay to maintain the vehicle in case it breaks and more other car services. In case a car breaks down while you are still on your trip, we have a number of agents across the country who will handle such a case at no cost expected from you.

Is car rental in Uganda Safe?

Absolutely right. Whether you are renting a car for self drive or car rental in Uganda with a driver we assure you that you will be safe as long you follow the set traffic laws. While driving on Ugandans roads you expected to drive from the left side of the road and overtake from the right only when it’s safe for you to do so.

In terms of security, Uganda remains among the top safest countries in Africa with no record against international travelers or foreigners for about two decades. Making it one of the safest countries you can go to.

How much is renting a car in Uganda?

The cost car rental in Uganda is determined by a few factors and these do include the type of car you are renting, the number of days, the number of people and the destination. The cost of car hire varies given that cars have different engine power and comfort. For example the cost of renting a RAV4 is quite low compared to when you are renting a Land Cruiser TX because the two cars do differ in terms of comfort and strength especially when navigating the different terrains in the country.

When on more than monthly car rental Uganda, expect to get a discount on any of the car of your choice from us. Renting a car per day is quite expensive, however if you rent for more than 14 days or even a month, you are likely to get a discount which does make car hire affordable.

Are you planning to cross the border into another country, we always advise you to inform us prior to your car rental booking to enable us prepare the necessary documents required for you to cross the border and please note when you cross a border to another country, the cost differs as that of 4×4 car rental Uganda.

What do I need to rent a car for self drive in Uganda?

Like any other country, to rent a car for self drive, you will need to avail a few documents that indeed prove that you know to how to drive and licensed. These include a valid copy of a driving license, an international driving permit and a copy of a valid passport. These are required for identification purposes.

Upon receiving these, we will then proceed and take you through the booking process where you can share with your preferred vehicle for rental, number of days and more other details.

Can I self drive in Uganda as a tourist?

Yes. You can drive in Uganda as long as you have the necessary documents and willing to follow the country’s traffic laws while on the road. Traffic officers in Uganda are very friendly and once they ask you to stop, you can do so since this is usually done to check whether you have the right documents to be on the road and the mechanical conditions of the car you are driving.

Once you are found with no offence, you will be set free to proceed with your trip.

Overall car hire in Uganda will get you to any destination of your choice giving you the privacy, comfort and affordable rates you would prefer. To rent a car, talk to us today on +256 759498123 and we will be able to reserve you the car of your choice.

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