Rent a Car in Fort Portal

Rent a car in Fort Portal

Rent a car in Fort Portal gives you the opportunity to explore Uganda’s most clean and tourism capital that has a lot of hidden gems within her boundaries.

Fort portal is one of the most popular cities in Uganda and it attracts thousands of tourists from around the whole world thus being named the Tourism city of Uganda. It is approximately 297km from Kampala the capital city by road which is about 5-6hrs driving.

If you are looking for a perfect car for rent in Fort Portal either on a self drive or car rental with a driver, don’t hesitate getting in touch with us as we have a fleet of cars that you can select from. These cars that are well maintained and serviced include a RAV4, Land Cruiser TX, Land Cruiser V8, A Nissan Patrol and so much more.

Known for being the closest city to various tourism sites and national parks in Uganda, like Kibale Forest National Park, the crater lakes, Queen Elizabeth National Park, cultural sites like Amabere ga nyinamwiru stalactites and stalagmites and prestigious Toro Kingdom palace.

Fort portal is a great holiday destination to go to when you hire a car in Uganda, and a regular saloon car can be hired for routes within the city center and highways, but the 4×4 drive vehicle is highly recommended for trips to far off road and tough terrain giving you the comfort and a hassle free experience.

What is the cost of renting a car in Fort Portal

Renting a car in Fort Portal is one of the best ways you can fully explore what this part of the country holds within her boundaries but before you do so, its very important to know the cost of car rental. Our rent a car in Fort Portal prices are determined by a few factors and these include; the number of people, the number of days and type of car you would prefer to rent.

The cost of a car varies with the strength and comfort the car does offer with the most powerful and more comfortable being priced higher than the rest of the cars. For example, the cost of hiring a Land Cruiser TX is slightly high compared to that of renting a RAV4 because the latter does offer minimal comfort and won’t conquer as much terrains with ease like the Land Cruiser TX will do.

If you are coming for a group tour, you will likely need a car that will accommodate between 7-9 people without sacrificing comfort. A car that does accommodate such a number of people will be priced higher compared to that does accommodate fewer people.

How to rent a car in Fort Portal

To rent car in Fort Portal for self drive road trip or guided tour, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-759498123 to speak directly to our customer care agent who will take you through the booking process.

Is it safe to rent a car In Fort Portal?

Safety is everyone’s concern as they visit a foreign country but at Uganda Self Drives we assure you that driving in Fort Portal is absolutely safe. Whether you are heading to Kibale Forest National Park to see chimpanzees, or a drive to the crater lakes, you will absolutely be safe on the road as long as you follow the set traffic guidelines.

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