Car Rental for Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda

Your safari in Africa is never complete if you don’t get the chance to visit the ‘Pearl of Africa’ with our car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda. This services is mainly made available for travelers who would like to travel to the different parts of the country to discover so much that can be found within her boundaries.

On your car rental wildlife safaris in Uganda you can visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see man’s closest relative  – mountain gorillas as they roam freely and play in their natural habitat, Murchison Falls National Park to have a look at the world’s most powerful waterfall – Murchison falls that was formed as a result of the Nile river forcing its way through a narrow gorge forming the a thunderous sound and the popular rainbow that is seen in photos.

At Uganda self drives, we have a reliable fleet of cars you can choose from and all these are complete 4×4 rental cars strong enough to navigate the rough terrains in different parts of the country. These do include 4×4 Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser GX, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser VX and much more.

All these are regularly maintained and serviced to give you a better and rewarding experience while on the road and off road. Whether you are thinking of self drive Uganda or car rental with a driver in Uganda, we will be able to avail you that at very unbeatable car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda prices.

How much is car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda

Are wondering what how much it would take you to rent best car Uganda for wildlife safaris in Uganda? Worry not because our prices are affordable and flexible. However, these are determined by the number of days you are renting, the type of vehicle and your destination.

Different vehicles having varying strength and comfort with the best being slightly priced compared to their counterparts. If you are renting for more than a monthly car rental Uganda, or plus 14 weeks, you will definitely qualify for our discount on car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda prices.

For travelers coming in a group, you will need to hire a car that does accommodate all the members without sacrificing comfort anyone. As Uganda Self Drives, we have such cars available for rental but at a slightly higher car hire price compared to those that are good for solo travelers or even less than 4 people. Talk to us any day and we will be able to brief you on what you need to rent a car Uganda with us.


Price (rental fee per day)

Land Cruiser TX/TZ




Land Cruiser GX


Safari Van


Safari land cruiser


Land Cruiser V8


Please note that the above car rental for wildlife safaris In Uganda prices are for self drive. If you prefer to rent a car with a driver in Uganda, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We have licensed, disciplined drivers who will be able to take you to any destination of your choice.

Can I drive in Uganda as a tourist?

For most travelers, this is something they always wonder about but as Uganda self drives we guarantee you that you can drive in Uganda whether as a tourist or on your business trip as long as you have the required documents that include a valid driving license and a valid passport.

With these, you can drive to any destination of your choice while in the country.

How old do I have to drive in Uganda

Like any other country, to rent a car in Uganda you need to have met specific age requirements. You have to be aged between 25-65 years and have the required documents to rent car in Uganda.

How to rent a car for wildlife safaris in Uganda

Visiting Uganda should be on everyone’s travel bucket list and to explore so much that the country has within her boundaries, you will need to rent a car which is the best way and cheapest way to go around the country. Whether you need luxury car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda or cheap car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda count on us to give you the best.

To rent a car in Uganda, you need to visit our request form and fill in your details including the specific dates you will need the car and the type of car. Upon receiving your request, we will quickly take you through the booking process and make sure you preferred car is reserved and availed to you upon arrival at the airport or hotel of your choice.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via +256 759498123 and our customer care agent will make sure your booking is processed and will give you all the information you need to rent a car Uganda.

Talk to us any day and we will be able to provide you with a car of your choice regardless of your budget. We have a long wide fleet of car rental for wildlife safaris in Uganda cars that will surpass your expectations.

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