Supporting Local Communities Through Car Rental

Supporting Local Communities Through Car Rental

Uganda Self Drives has a very strong connection it holds with the local communities all over Uganda. It has an explicit policy among its objectives which includes amplifying the well-being and sustainable development of such communities we visit.

How car rental contributes to the local communities?

There’s quite a lot of benefits that communities receive from car rental companies. Uganda Self Drives has several contributions towards the amplification of the ways of life locals are characterized by, and their sustainable development.

Take a look at the contributions that our car rental company presents on its objectives of supporting Ugandans.

Job creation

Uganda Self Drives has eminently provided employment for local communities on its quest to being the leading car rental company for a wonderful self drive  in Uganda and chauffeured exploration of the “Pearl Of Africa” for you and your associates.

The funds sourced from our customers are invested in employment of local drivers, local tour guides plus Sacco’s that have helped such people form development models amongst themselves.

Job creation has statically been ranked among the top most efforts that have helped on decreasing unemployment in East Africa.

Community Partnerships

Our company has created profitable partnerships with the local businesses and this has greatly impacted the development of the communities. Uganda Self Drives coordinates accommodation and recreation of its customers with the local restaurants, hotels, tourist attraction centers and amusement parks.

We endeavor to create an interlinked bond with our immediate community so as to keep the objective of sustainable development of local communities comprehended. This furthermore strengthens the economy of local communities.

Local tourism growth

The other amazing contribution Uganda Self Drives has on local communities is the promotion of local tourism. We provide travel plans to customers and the highlight of these trips is an adventure to the local tourist attraction sites.

Uganda Self Drives provides detailed insights to our customers through our expert drivers, tour guides and printed brochures on the amazing attractions, events, amusement parks and national parks in the nearby communities. This greatly benefits the development of the local communities when travelers get to visit these centers.

Environmental Sustainability

The strategies that we as a car rental company promote also include sustaining the beautiful ecology of local communities. Primarily the implementation of this contribution is by strategizing the use of only eco-friendly cars for self-drive and chauffeur experiences throughout Uganda

These eco-friendly cars are mainly gasoline emissive plus the hybrid ones, and they hardly emit out exhaust fumes into the environment. Our campaign for environmental sustainability sees that we purchase very few diesel engine cars and opt more purchasing of gasoline engine vehicles and the hybrid ones.

Having a clean environment attracts very many tourists to the local communities and this steers more and more economic development for the local accommodation facilities and the amusement centers at large.

Investing in local communities

One of the ways our car rental company contributes to local communities is that we invest in the various charity programs especially the community development projects. Strategies on local community developments are prioritized essentially at Uganda Self Drives in form of sponsoring the local community events, raising funds for infrastructural developments in the local communities and aiding the uneducated infants get enrolled in education institutions.

Besides the above contributions, we contribute to local communities through;

  • Sensitized cultural projects
  • Flexible car rental terms and conditions
  • Provision of skilled development programs
  • Proactive local community interactions

The implementation of the above contributions to local communities is a huge step towards the development of many families and individuals in general.

Reach out to our ever present customer care team directly on +256 759498123 to book a safari to the local communities of Uganda. Await a flexible itinerary for your local community adventure self-driving or driven in any of our reliable four wheel drive car options of your choice.

All our cars are guaranteed of great performance on any type of road terrains across Uganda and through all the ideal local community destinations you and your travel associates prefer to explore.

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