Affordable Kenya Self Drive safari - 4x4 Car rental from $80

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Planning for that memorable Kenya self drive roadtrip? We offer the best and reliable self drive in Nairorbi cars for hire for travelers planning to visit the beautiful country on either their business trip or Kenya self drive safari.

Rent a car in Kenya if you are looking forward to driving yourself on your adventure or business trip with a spacious and comfortable ride. Whether you would like to self drive east Africa; self-drive Tanzania, self drive Uganda, or even Rwanda. Car hire Kenya is always the best option if you are looking for privacy, flexibility and comfort while on your Kenya self drive. With the car, you can decide where and when you will go something that public transport won’t offer you.

Some of the 4×4 cars you can hire on your Kenya self drive include 4×4 Toyota RAV4, Toyota Land Cruiser TX, Land Cruiser V8/VX, Land Cruiser GX manual, Safari Land Cruiser, safari van, and much more. Our cars are regularly maintained and serviced to give you the best experience while on you trip in Kenya.

Best Kenya self drive cars for hire

We have a large fleet of cars for hire in Kenya and these vary in terms of strength and comfort. These do include;

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Toyota RAV4

This is the most popular choice amongst travelers because of its low fuel consumption and the 4×4 system that gives it the strength to go through the rugged terrains in the various parts of the country that include national parks and more.

This is a 4-5 seater with enough space in the back for your luggage.

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Land Cruiser TX/TZ

This is another popular car amongst travelers because of the extra comfort and reliability off-road.

Our Land cruiser TX/TZ is fuel efficient and can be availed at a discounted price. This has great ground clearance and a full time 4×4 car to enable you get to some hard to reach areas especially in national parks and up country.

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Land Cruiser V8/VX

Looking for a spacious and comfortable car for your Kenya self drive safari? Our Land Cruiser V8/VX is the most preferred and best option designed to give you the travel comfort on your adventure in the east African country.

This is a 7-8 seater with enough space for everyone and  your luggage as well. It comes with a 4.7cc petrol engine that is super strong.

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Land Cruiser GX manual

This is one of the cars that was made purposely for the difficult African roads. This Land Cruiser GX manual is a fulltime 4×4 car which gives you the opportunity to shift gears as you traverse through the parts of the country.

This is a diesel car and a 7-8 seater with so much space in the back for your luggage. This comes with functional seatbelts, Anti lock breaking system (ABS) and more to protect you while on the road.

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Safari van

Traveling as a family or group of friends is known to strengthen the bond and our safari van is the best car that is perfect to take all the members without sacrificing comfort for anyone.

This is also a 4×4 car and comes with enough space for 9-10 people without sacrificing their comfort and will also remain with enough space for your luggage too. It’s a diesel car and with a manual gearbox.

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Safari Land Cruiser

This is another perfect car for your family or group roadtrip. It comes with comfortable seats with functional seatbelts, a fridge, air conditioner (AC), among other features that are designed to give you the best travel comfort and experience. 

This is a 9-10 seater and a full time 4×4 car giving it the strength to navigate various terrains with ease in either national parks or upcountry. 

Our other Self drive Kenya services

Our services are not limited to car hire Kenya but we also arrange and provide other extras to make your Kenya self drive safari 4×4 rentals quite memorable. These services do include;

Rooftop tent hire for self drive Kenya safari

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Imagine that feeling where you sleep as you have a close view of a thousand stars! The feeling is unmatched and this is exactly what our car rental Kenya with a rooftop tent offers.

Our rooftop tents are regularly and thoroughly cleaned before we give them out to travelers on their Kenya safari. We also have a reliable fleet of cars to choose from on your self drive in Kenya. This is made up of 4×4 cars and these do include; Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser GX manual, Land Cruiser hardtop among others.

Our car rental with rooftop tent also comes complete camping gear that you will need on your roadtrip and this does include; sleeping bags, camping chairs, table, utensils, cooking gas, storage box, cooler box and much more that you would like to have on your camping experience in Kenya. We can as well avail you with an electric fridge at $5 per day. If you would like another item to be added on your gear, we do that too.

Car rental with popup roof in Kenya

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To have a wide view of the various wildlife species as they roam freely in their natural habitat especially in national parks, car rental with popup roof in Kenya is the best option. We have the best cars that come with popup roof and those that you can choose from. These do include Land Cruiser TX/TZ with popup roof, Land Cruiser V8 with popup roof, Land Cruiser GX manual with pop up roof, Safari Land Cruiser and much more.

On your Kenya safaris, you can either hire a car with driver or opt for Kenya self drive experience which can be arranged at the best and affordable self drive car hire Nairobi Kenya prices.

Car rental in Kenya with pop up roof gives you enough leg and head room which rewards you with the travel comfort you need on your safari especially as you drive through the tough terrains in the various parts of Kenya.

Car rental Kenya with camping gear

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Do you wish to rent a car in Kenya for your self drive east Africa: self-drive Uganda, self-drive Kenya, self drive Tanzania, or even Rwanda and would like to do camping in the various camping sites? We offer car rental with camping gear services at very unbeatable prices.

Car rental with camping gear in Kenya allows you immerse yourself and experience the true African wilderness from your tent. You will get time to prepare that delicious meal in the wild and also get to spend a night in a tent. Our camping gear is always cleaned prior to being delivered and made available for use so you will be assured of getting clean stuff.

How to rent a car for Kenya self drive?

To hire a car for self drive Kenya safari? Visit our contact us page and fill in your details that include the type of car you would like to hire, the rental period, the number of people and whether you would prefer to have other extras along with your car rental.

Upon receiving your inquiry, our reservations team will make sure they take you through the seamless booking process and make sure your reserved car is availed to you upon arrival in the country.

Alternatively, you can reach us on +256 759498123 and our team will also be ready to take you through the booking process making sure you get the car of your choice at the best price possible.

You can as well reach out to us by visiting our Head offices in Uganda, (SME building, Mutundwe Rd, Kampala – Uganda) and we will be able to guide you and give you the necesarry information you need regarding the car you need or Kenya in particular. 

Be rest assured that when you rent a car from us, you are renting from the best and affordable car. We have agents allover Kenya who will help you in case of anything on and offroad. 

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    Where to go on your self drive Kenya safari?

    Kenya is known to be among the best destinations you can visit around the world and car hire Kenya presents you the opportunity to fully discover the country’s hidden gems on your Kenya self drive adventure. These are some of the best places you can go to while on your roadtrip.

    Self drive to Masai Mara game reserve

    Masai Mara game reserve is the country’s leading and popular safari destination. This is situated in the southern part of the country and popularly known to be the best place to spot the annual wildebeest migration.

    There other wildlife species that you will be able to spot within the park and these do include: lions, leopards, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, several species of birds, elephants and much more.

    Self drive to Amboseli National Park

    This is yet another most visited destination in Kenya. This park situated in the southern part of Kenyais popularly known to offer the best scenic views of Mt.Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain. While in Amboseli, you will have a chance to  spot the various wildlife animals that live within the boundaries of this park.

    This does include the big 5 animals (buffaloes, leopards, lions, elephants and rhinos), gazelles, antelopes, abundant bird life, hyenas, cheetahs, wild dogs, wildebeest and much more.

    Self drive to Lake Nakuru National Park

    If you are looking for the best birding destination while in Kenya, a Kenya self drive trip to Lake Nakuru National Park – situated in central Kenya at the floor of the great rift valley will introduce you to various species of birds that you will be able to see within the park’s boundaries. Some of the birds that you may see here include; flamingos, ostriches, guinea fowls, ducks, pigeons and more.

    Other wildlife species you will spot here include giraffes, zebras, gazelles, leopards, lions, buffaloes, impalas, waterbucks and much more.

    Self drive to Tsavo east and west National Park

    Your self drive Kenya adventure will be incomplete if you don’t visit Kenya’s largest national park (Tsavo west and east national park). This is situated in the south east part of the country and the closest national park to Mombasa.

    The park has a number of wildlife species that you will be able to spot within her boundaries and these do include elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, several species of birds and much more.

    Is it safe to self drive in Kenya?

    Kenya is a very safe country and on your self drive as long as you follow the set traffic guidelines, you will absolutely be safe on the road. This includes driving on the left hand side of the road and you are expected to overtake on the right hand side of the road.

    It’s also important to note that the Kenya hasn’t recorded any case against international travelers for decades thus rendering it the safest country to visit in Africa. 

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