Business Car Rental in Uganda

business car rental in Uganda

Enjoy customized business car rental in Uganda packages which are designed to precisely meet your global transportation needs and as well save your money and time.  

Whether you are travelling for a business trip or for leisure, our business car rental in Uganda vehicles will offer you the utmost flexibility that you desire for your trip and more so feel comfortable and assured on the road.  All our clients on both small and large business schedules can enjoy the most competitive corporate car rental rates in Uganda throughout the year.

Trust Uganda Self Drives years of experience in cheap car rental services in Uganda, to transport you to wherever you are going in comfort and style as you enjoy discounted corporate travel costs.

Join our business car rental in Uganda program and have your business enjoy discounts on business car rental services in Uganda either booked online or through our office.

Business Car Rental in Uganda Packages

Contracted Car Rental Rates

For all contracted business car rental in Uganda packages, whether for a day, a month or even a longer period, we customize discounts on all car rental options thus having fulfilment and security  of knowing that you  will not be charged higher or extra costs.

Mileage Management

We offer the best deal on Vehicle hire in Uganda and interesting mileage management with unlimited mileage on all car rental options in Uganda. Therefore enjoy your business car rental in Uganda without any worry of paying per mileage or additional costs.

Company corporate fleet

Cars in good condition and very much in presentable shape, support the image of the car rental company especially for the business and corporate car rental clients. Our package offers cost effective options to business travelers by having the exact car for your trip when requested for and pay for only the days that the car is being used.

VIP Rentals

We can provide the type of vehicles you need and where you need them at any time of the year as long as the request is made in advance. It does not matter the model or year, we have vehicles in all categories for all clients that call under the corporate /business level

How much is a rental car in Uganda

The cost of business car rental in Uganda is determined by a few factors and these do include the type of car you would like to hire, the number of people and the number of days. If you are renting a 4×4 car, expect the rates to be much more compared to that of a saloon car as this car is more comfortable and has enough strength to navigate the different terrains in the country.

When the number of people are more than 4 people, you will need a car that can accommodate that number without sacrificing comfort thus the cost also being slightly high compared to when you are renting a car that accommodates 2-4 people.

When you rent a car for business for more than 3 weeks from us, you get to enjoy discounts which implies that you enjoy the flexibility and comfort at a price that doesn’t hurt your pockets.

How to rent a car for business trip

Planning a business trip this season and searching for the ideal rental car for the meeting, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-759498123 to speak directly to our customer care team who will take you through the booking process.

If you plan to also to go for a safari in Uganda, we have the best cars that will take you around to the different parts of Uganda and beyond. 

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